The investment...

Below you will find my pricing, which reflects the time spent outside of our session, equipment and the investment on my part to ensure that your photos return to you at the highest quality. Here are just some of the components that I offer behind the scenes of our session:

  • my time spent not only at our session but the time spent selecting the best images and perfecting them, which is typically 4 hours of editing to every hour of shooting.
  • the cost of travel getting to and from our session.
  • the depreciation of my equipment: my camera, lenses, computer, software used to enhance your images, etc.
  • my creativity and flexibility to achieve the images you are looking for.

Photography is more than just "taking a photo." It's the in depth, behind the scenes work that people don't see. As a photographer, this is my passion, something that I don't even see as work because I strive to achieve the highest quality for my clients. As a business owner, I not only need to ensure that I am receiving a return on my investment, but that I receive a profit as well to support my family.

Thank you for understanding and trusting me as your photographer! I look forward to connecting with you and capturing your most precious moments! ♡



up to 15 min
5 best images
1 outfit & 1 location
Print release & Online gallery

*best for small family, children, those needing a quick time frame for those littles



up to 30 min session
All of the best images
1 outfit & 1 location
Print release & online gallery

*Perfect for couples, individuals, professional headshots, small family



up to 1 hr session
All of the best images
2 outfits & 2 Locations (within 5min) OPTIONAL
Print release & online gallery

*Perfect for senior photos, maternity, engagement, large immediate family members



starts at $1000

Connect with me to customize your wedding package!

travel fee may apply | connect with me to customize your session to fit your needs